Where are the police substations located?


The San Antonio Police Department is located at 315 S. Santa Rosa, San Antonio Texas 78207. 

You may contact any one of the following SAPD substations:

East Side Substation at 3635 East Houston San Antonio, Texas (210) 207-7781;

West Side Substation at 7000 Culebra San Antonio, Texas (210) 207-7420;

South Side Substation at 711 West Mayfield San Antonio, Texas (210) 207-8191;

North Side Substation at 13030 Jones Maltsberger San Antonio, Texas (210) 207-8126;

Prue Road Substation (North West) at 5020 Prue Road San Antonio, Texas (210) 207-7425;

Central Substation at 515 South Frio San Antonio, Texas (210) 207-7410;

East Side Mc Creless Substation at 3850 South New Braunfels San Antonio, Texas (210) 207-0787;


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